August 18, 2009

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Today, I took the day off and decided to spend my time fixing up my blog a little. And I've been honest to my word from 7am up until now. Why have I taken so long to write this post? You'll find out in a minute.

As you well know, I'm trying to adapt to SH as much as possible. Having all these internet problems has brought me down, specially cause it's hard to communicate with Mom now that she's out on the holidays. The internet has always been my companion, or at least since I learned how to REALLY use it. It's odd, and freaky, but I feel lonelier now that I can't get online like I used to.
I'm an email Junkie. Hotmail is taking too frigging long to load and I always end up stressing over it. So yesterday I got a Gmail account which works great, or a lot better. Problem is, since both Gmail and Blogger are run by Google both accounts collide. If I want to use Gmail I have to log out of Blogger and vice verse. Annoying. So what I've done is simple though antagonizing. I've opened a new blog on my new Gmail account, called the same and I've just set it up pretty much the same way as this one. With a few exceptions.
I tried to import my posts into my new blog but it would just keep loading forever. Never worked. So let's forget about my previous posts unless you'd like me to keep some (I'll just copy and paste)
Long story short, I have a new blog and we should move first thing tomorrow. (:
I will post the link in my next post, just as soon as I've put the header up which has been troublesome.
All you have to do is click on it, and follow me. That's it!

All the trouble the internet causes *sigh* Sometimes at night I just think of going back to my fucked up country just so I can have internet access.... But then I think it over, and it isn't worth it. Like my mom always says, "Sometimes you have to sacrifice things in order to get others more worthy." Or something of that matter....
Anyways, wait up for my next post, which like I said, will have the link to my new blog.


Bite On,


P.S: Does anyone know how to customize this?

I clearly did it, but I can't remember now.


  1. Hey Hilda:

    Good Luck! If you need any help just let me know. It should be simple enough to import your posts etc from this end.

    Anyway, try not to stress too much and like I said, just give a shout if I can be of any assist.


  2. Things will work out, no worries!

    To change settings, go to layout, then click the "edit" button on blog posts...hope that helps!

  3. Hi Hilda,
    Gotta write that email later :) Finally have some free time...well for a moment lol.

    Good luck, let us know later. I do like gmail, and cos of gmail I got blogger :)

  4. Hi Lea! Thanks! I know, but for some reason, probably the bad connection, the page just kept loading and never imported the posts.
    I will message you later!


    Patti, thanks you!!!!! That was the only thing I hadn't clicked on LMAO

    Linda, I will post the link now and you'll see my new email on my new blogger account ;)
    And thanks!


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