August 18, 2009


Hey hey, ladies!
Here's the link:

Wow, I've been working on it from 7am up until now 12:27am(next day) ... *sigh*
I took a 2 hour break though.

So, go ahead and follow my other blog! I will be deleting this one soon heh.

You guys are awesome! ((hugs))

More news

Today, I took the day off and decided to spend my time fixing up my blog a little. And I've been honest to my word from 7am up until now. Why have I taken so long to write this post? You'll find out in a minute.

As you well know, I'm trying to adapt to SH as much as possible. Having all these internet problems has brought me down, specially cause it's hard to communicate with Mom now that she's out on the holidays. The internet has always been my companion, or at least since I learned how to REALLY use it. It's odd, and freaky, but I feel lonelier now that I can't get online like I used to.
I'm an email Junkie. Hotmail is taking too frigging long to load and I always end up stressing over it. So yesterday I got a Gmail account which works great, or a lot better. Problem is, since both Gmail and Blogger are run by Google both accounts collide. If I want to use Gmail I have to log out of Blogger and vice verse. Annoying. So what I've done is simple though antagonizing. I've opened a new blog on my new Gmail account, called the same and I've just set it up pretty much the same way as this one. With a few exceptions.
I tried to import my posts into my new blog but it would just keep loading forever. Never worked. So let's forget about my previous posts unless you'd like me to keep some (I'll just copy and paste)
Long story short, I have a new blog and we should move first thing tomorrow. (:
I will post the link in my next post, just as soon as I've put the header up which has been troublesome.
All you have to do is click on it, and follow me. That's it!

All the trouble the internet causes *sigh* Sometimes at night I just think of going back to my fucked up country just so I can have internet access.... But then I think it over, and it isn't worth it. Like my mom always says, "Sometimes you have to sacrifice things in order to get others more worthy." Or something of that matter....
Anyways, wait up for my next post, which like I said, will have the link to my new blog.


Bite On,


P.S: Does anyone know how to customize this?

I clearly did it, but I can't remember now.

August 16, 2009

News: Good And Bad

Hey! Sorry I haven't been online much lately. My internet hasn't been working right so I'd get grumpy and would end up closing shut the computer and going to bed to read a book or magazine. I finally got it to work today, and I am finally getting online from my own room (yay!) though it's still kind of slow. But I think the program I'm using to unblock blogger makes it slow - it's not the internet.

If you are interested as to what I've been doing, well I've been remodeling my room! When I moved to Shanghai for the first time (2007) I didn't make much changes to it at all. I just added a small computer desk and two tiny book shelves. But now, I just didn't feel like the room belonged to me, you know? I felt like I was living at someone else's apartment or a hotel. So I talked to Daddy and told him I needed to buy some stuff. We took a trip to IKEA and I brought home a couple of things.
-A HUGE desk, a very comfortable chair, a much bigger bookshelf, a mirror to put up in my room, a basket for dirty clothes that I hung in my closet (you could see my panties through the other one o.O) hmm what else? Oh, a new set of sheets, and two of the warmer ones which I don't know the name of. And just some other silly things. The best part? It was cheap! Well, compared to the prices in my country, it was REALLY cheap. With the money I spent I could only have bought one small computer desk and maybe a TV shelf back in my country.
My room is all set up and it's wonderful, I'm loving it. I will post pictures soon, but they're repainting tomorrow so I'm just going to wait. (Nooo, me has to take down all Johnny Depp's photos!!! I have 29 of them! Two are gigantic real size posters.)

Yesterday, I went out with Daddy, Grandma, and some friends to walk in the city. I took a bunch of beautiful pictures for you guys to see but my silly dad lost the camera!!! Ugh. I took some with my iPhone but since it was dark they don't look too good. Such a shame. You really have no idea how beautiful Shanghai is.

So that's basically what I've been doing.

Onto the news now. Bad first yeah?

I'm at the beauty salon today, yes, again! And Adam tells me the worst possible thing. Remember Adam? The cute hairdresser? Well, he goes off and asks me if I've been to chungchuang city (I can't remember the name) and I say, 'no, what's in there?'. He then says that he is moving next month to that damn city!!!!! NOOOOOO. Oh my gosh, I was wordless. I did not hide my surprise or sadness, my face went from being somewhat happy to ---> =[
He did say he was going to miss me and that I should go there to visit, that ought to count for something, right? But it doesn't, it just makes me sadder. Damn, you guyyyys, I love him! =(

Let's go for the good news!

A month ago, I found some good animal associations here in SH. I was ready to adopt a cat and I was in fact doing so this saturday. But a few days ago, I went to this pet store, because I'm silly like that and like going to see the animals, and I saw the cutest cat caged up. He starts crying and rubbing against the cage so I would caress him and putting out his pawn to call me or whatever. I stayed maybe 30mins playing with him.
He was just too expensive to buy so I just tried to get that idea out of my mind and went back home. But it was love at first sight. Even after both associations sent me pictures of the cats available for adoption, I just wanted the one at the pet store.
So I go back there today just to get him out of that evil cage for a little while. When I start playing with it, this chinese girl starts talking to me - she was the owner. We start talking and I tell her that I wanted to buy the cat but it was too expensive. She said she could negotiate. Bingo. I call up my dad and tell him to come to the pet store. We negotiated and finally she gave us a fair price. Fortunately I had money on me so I pretty much paid for it myself.
And that's how I got the new member of our family.
He's five months old and he doesn't have a name yet. I want to name him Louis (Loo-ee), like Louis from Interview with the Vampire. My dad wants to name him 'vampy'. Hah. What do you think?
He's a Siamese cat by the way, absolutely gorgeous!
I'm not posting pics because it's his first day here and he's very nervous. He's scared of everything! Coughing, sneezing, sudden movements, hard noises, us sometimes... When he got here he started running around like crazy, probably stretching those legs since he had been caged up for a very long time, and then he hid behind the curtain. Just now I finally got him to get out of there and play. He's been playing and running ever since. We even bonded a little on the couch. I petted him and then to show me his appreciation he gave me some kisses on the neck LOL He needs a shower though, he actually smells like dog.
I think he'll be a good pet. Every once in a while he comes when I call him and he's playful and sweet. He just needs some time to get used to us and the noise.

That's all the news I had :)


Yesterday I also went Library Hunting. That didn't go too well. There were a lot of libraries but all selling chinese books. I only found one called Foreigner Languages Bookstore, 4 floors, only one had a full stack of english books and they were mostly bestsellers, classics, and books that are now big motion pictures.
I guess I will just keep buying ebooks like I've been doing all this time, and my dad will occasionally bring me SOME books from the US. I don't think he knows I'm reading Paranormal Romance and I'm definitely not telling him xD

New Books

The wedding day is magical but when Elizabeth and Darcy embark on their wedding tour, Elizabeth discovers that Darcy has a secret . . .


December 1802

My dearest


My hand is trembling as I write this letter. My nerves are in tatters and I am so altered that I believe you would not recognize me. The past two months have been a nightmarish whirl of strange and disturbing circumstances, and the future . . .

Jane, I am afraid. If anything happens to me, remember that I love you and that my spirit will always be with you, though we may never see each other again. The world is a cold and frightening place where nothing is as it seems. It was all so different a few short months ago. When I awoke on my wedding morning, I thought myself the happiest woman alive . . .

Does something about this Prologue seem off to you? At the end... ?

A psychologist in an adolescent crisis center, Emma Hollis loves her work; she also loves charming journalist David Webster, who swept her off her feet at a dinner party six months ago. Now she''s carrying David''s child and half expecting him to flee -- but David surprises and delights her further by proposing marriage. After an impromptu wedding, the couple retreat to a rustic cabin in New J

ersey''s secluded Pine Barrens. But while David is out gathering firewood, a masked attacker assaults Emma with an axe, intending to kill. In the shock and pain that follows, Emma refuses to believe the police are calling David their prime suspect. But her life may depend on looking at her husband in a new and suspicious light....

A penniless yet strikingly beautiful orphan, Marianne Ransom's indomitable spirit has enabled her to survive a cruel life on the backstreets of Victorian London. But it is her gift of second sight that carries her into the world of money and privilege—a power brought on by a strange twist of fate. In the opulent home of a wealthy duchess, Marianne is being called upon to summon her late father—a noted mystic—from the grave. But Marianne's exceptional abilities have become a perilous trap. And suddenly knowing too much could prove fatal.

Again, I wanted to talk about some other things but it's late and the internet is being really STUPID so I'm getting grumpy and I better just go to sleep. Taking care of the cat today drained me.

Bite On,


August 13, 2009

Me, crazy? Aww.

Guess where I just came from? Yep, the beauty salon. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to go but I just can’t go around life with my freaky curls.

I decided to play it cool, but I was really nervous when I went in. I looked straight ahead and did not say hello to him. I’m so awesome.

When he came to do my hair I barely looked up at him and didn’t even smile... I wrote some notes on my notebook, read my book, and laughed to myself. I didn’t look up at him once. He did look at me but I refused to play the game with him. But after he was done he slid off my clothes *cough cough* he slid off the cape thingy they put on you and gave me one of his smiles. I couldn’t resist, I smiled back. Gosh, he’s so handsome!! I went to pay and you would have had to be there to see him! He hid behind the counter nervously!!! I burst into laughter and he just stared at me and smiled. He must think I’m into drugs or something... Oh, well!

This is the weirdest relationship I've been in. We only smile at each other - definitely not material for Larissa Ione to write a book.

Is it odd, that after all the time I’ve spent in China, I’ve only liked my hairdresser, who is quite possibly gay? I mean, he is a hairdresser, after all. And is it even odder that I like him when our longest conversation went like this:

Him: You go home?

Me: *nods*

He asked because I went back to my country for a few months and of course he noticed I was gone.

He’s the guy I see regularly. Twice a week. He touches my hair. I smile way too much. I go there way too much.


Do you know what this is?


A little paper with a bunch of random numbers on it? No.

It’s a little paper with Adam’s handwriting - I think. Well he gave it to me so I’m guessing he wrote it.

What? That I’m acting like a psycho now? Yeah, okay.

hahaha ;)


On other news, here’s what you have all been waiting for! My Willy Wonka sunglasses picture!!


So, was I BS-ing you? It’s Willy Wonka!!!

How do I look? *turns so the paparazzi can take pictures* =D



Yesterday night I got my second award! I was so happy! It was granted to me by the lovely Patti @ Sleepless in New Orleans. Thanks, Patti!! *grin*

The rules of this award are quite simple. It must be paid forward and I have to write ten little interesting facts about me. Remember to let the person you granted this award know about it!

This one goes to... *drum roll* ... Mandi @ Smexy Books!!

10 Interesting Facts About Me - Or Not

1. Though I'm really young, I tend to spend more time with older people. It seems like they have more interesting things to say.

2. My feet are truly ugly and I love them.

3. I can do all kinds of weird things with my feet. Take a look:

4. I've had surgery twice in two years. Both of them on June. Knee surgery and I got my gallbladder removed.

5. I could eat Pizza every day. What? That's not interesting? I think it is!

6. I have a thing for blondes with long hair. e.i: Kurt Cobain, Alexander Skarsgård, Josh Holloway...

7. I absolutely love England though I've never been there. I love the city, the people, and most importantly the accent.

8. I was born with three eyes and a tail. Not really but you bought it! =D

9. When I was younger, for some bizarre reason that I haven't been able to understand yet, all boys showed me their penises. They'd just come up to me and - they'd show me. I had a better understanding of male's reproductive part than the rest of the girls hah.

10. I'm lightly addicted to internet for real. I get grumpy when I can't get online and I tend to get anxious.


By the way guys, I decided to implement the Daily Cat Tip on my blog. I should start posting them this weekend. If you have blogger-friends that have cats please do let them now about this - I could use more followers ;)

Have a great day - or night!

Bite On,


August 12, 2009

Willy Wonka

Today I was granted my first award by the lovely Cecile from
All I Want And More. Thank you Cecile!

The rules are simple:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

This part is tricky. Since I'm new at Blogland, every blog I'm following is new to me, or newly discovered. I'm going to keep it simple and pick five people. (Cecile, I would pick you but you already got it *wink*) (Mandi, I noticed you already have one.)

So here they are:

Patti @ Book Addict.


Though I'm supposed to be writing about books, I'm trying to make this blog as original as possible. Or better said, more unconventional. At first I wanted it to be all about books and only books, but I realized that my life is not only about books. I want to shine through this blog, meaning that I want to write about other things that are part of my life.

I think that maybe you've noticed that I love watching movies and TV shows. I have about 300-400 DVD's and around 20 TV shows. --> (Not counting the 80GB in TV shows that I have on my computer)

You probably also noticed that animals are a big part of my life, specially cats. I love love love cats. I think they're the best pets I've ever had, and believe me, I've had all kinds of animals. How many of you have cats? I was thinking that I could write like a Daily Cat Tip or something at the end of my posts. What do you think?

What else would you like me to write about? I'm open to suggestions. I would really like hearing what you've got to say because this blog is for you. Anything at all that you would like to see around here, please do comment about it.

Leave a comment with whatever comes to mind, and thoughts about this. =]


Random Fact of The Day

I got Willy Wonka sunglasses today!! I will post a picture tomorrow (:

Okay, so they're not exactly the same, but they totally reminded me of Willy Wonka when I saw them. I was laughing like an idiot with the glasses on. They're so cute! ^_^ I wore them all the way back to my house though it was already dark. When I got out of the car I couldn't see at all and almost fell over. Ah, I love being retarded. (:


Movie Tip of The Day

'''Role Models'''


Summery: Danny and Wheeler, well into their 30s, lack something: Danny feels stuck; he's sour and has driven away his terrific girlfriend. Wheeler chases any skirt he sees for empty sex. When they get in a fight with a tow-truck driver, they choose community service over jail and are assigned to be big brothers - Danny to Augie, a geek who loves participating in a weekend Medieval reenactment society, and Wheeler to Ronnie, a pint-size foul-mouthed kid. After a rocky start, things start to go well until both Danny and Wheeler make big mistakes. Can the two men figure out how to change enough to be role models to the boys?

Again I judged this movie for the summery and cover. I was like, 'seriously, big brothers?'. But I love Paul Rudd and decided to give it a try anyways. That was a great idea, because the movie turned out to be awesome. In this movie Paul is not his funny self but a more grumpy and negative pal. But I still loved him.

Give this movie a try because I'm pretty sure you'll like it or at least will be entertained. (And Sean William Scott is gorgeous! Shhhhhhhh) =]


This Week's Book Pile
(Not adding pics because internet is being stupid)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening And The Struggle by L.J. Smith
Evil Take Me by Anna J. Evans
Father of Dragons by Emily Veinglory

Thoughts on these books? Leave a comment.


That's it for today folks. I wanted to talk about some other things but my internet is being ridiculously stupid right now and I'm getting grumpy. Rawrrrrr

Bite On,


August 10, 2009

More news from my excited self. [My longest post yet!]

Hey, everyone, apparently blogger is still working. :)

Today was a good day. You know when they say that if you think negatively everything is going to go wrong? Well, that's so totally true. But it goes the same way when you are thinking positively. I was pretty content when I went to bed last night, you can imagine why, and I was feeling even more content when I woke up, so I went out for breakfast to Starbucks with my grandmother who is spending the holidays here. We ate, drank coffee and talked (something I hadn't even bothered to do because I was so grumpy). Then we went window shopping and ended up buying a blouse each. After that I went to the beauty salon, though I said I wouldn't because it's raining. But I went anyway. I got a massage, a haircut and my hair straightened. Awesome. Best part? I got to see my cute hairdresser *giggles* So when I'm done, and I'm at the counter paying, Adam, the cute chinese hairdresser comes up and just stands there watching me pay. I lean over to pat him on the shoulders to show my gratitude (I just needed an excuse to touch him) but he was too far away so I tried to get him closer and ended up hugging him and bumping heads together. It was so so so so AWKWARD. Oh my gosh. We both laughed but I just couldn't look at him and practically dragged my grandmother out. I laughed to myself all the way to my house. I am most certainly not going back for a good two weeks. At least.

Why is this relevant? I don't know but I just felt like sharing. That's what these blogs are about, yeah?


Later on, I watched the complete 1st season of The Mentalist because Patrick Jane is oh-so-awesome. I had missed some of the episodes on TV. Have you been watching it? How could you not, when Patrick Jane is played by no other than Simon Baker! He's not a 'pretty boy' but he's hot for sure! There's a mysterious vibe around him... I don't know. Or maybe he just happens to play cool characters. Oh, and yes, there is a difference between pretty and hot.


I am so jealous of her. Seriously. Call me crazy, but I am.

His stomach is so weird o.O But he can take me surfing any day ;)

After that, I watched the latest episode of TrueBlood.
Have you guys been watching that?
I hope you are, cause it's got it all! Vampires, darkness, sexiness, bizarreness, and of course Alexander Skarsgård.


Eric (Alex) after tearing apart some random guy.
Yes, those are foils. I believe Pam wasn't happy about that ;)

But let's not forget about Bill.
Bill showing some fang.

I'm a little disappointed in the second season. They are not fallowing the books at all! It's sooo annoying. [The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris] If there were no books, I would give True Blood 100 bites out of 1o, but since there are, and I just can't get pass that, I give it 8.5 bites. It was this last episode that got me to really like it again. It was the best for sure. I don't know if it seemed great because I'm in a good mood today or because it was actually good, but either way, you have to watch it if you haven't already.

Summery: Sookie’s captivity takes an unexpected turn when Eric arrives to do his master’s bidding on the eve of the Fellowship’s lockdown. In Bon Temps, Sam finds himself in hot water after making a gruesome discovery at Merlotte’s, and Andy proves no help in coming to his defense. Sent home by Bill, Jessica and Hoyt learn that when it comes to sex, every time is the first time. Tara and Eggs devour a mysterious meal prepared by Maryann, with unexpected results. After Jason pays off his debt to the vampires, Godric looks to enlighten his more single-minded followers.

You can watch it at this link:


And to finish my night I ate ice cream and watched The Hangover.

Don't make the same mistake I made, and do not judge this movie for its cover. For some reason, the cover just looks stupid. Seriously. I wasn't going to watch it but I love Mr. Cooper :)
The movie is actually pretty funny, if you are somewhat easily amused, if you enjoy hearing men scream like little girls, if you like tigers, or if you just happen to be happy when you're watching it. I recommend it.

And even if you don't like it, you got to see Bradley Cooper for about a hour and a half, so what are you complaining about? :)

So that's it. I think my post is long enough hah. Sorry about that. I'm feeling chatty today.

You know what's a shame?
That there are so many guys out there that I can't take a bite out of.


Bite On,