August 18, 2009


Hey hey, ladies!
Here's the link:

Wow, I've been working on it from 7am up until now 12:27am(next day) ... *sigh*
I took a 2 hour break though.

So, go ahead and follow my other blog! I will be deleting this one soon heh.

You guys are awesome! ((hugs))


  1. Hey Hilda!

    Looks like things worked out great!

    Chat later

  2. Hey Hilda! I have your other placed saved!!
    I am still keeping you in my prayers my friend!!! ((((hugs to you)))) just cuz I feel like you need a hug from a friend!!!

    I was very sad to hear about your hairdresser... I was glad that he asked you to go visit, but still sad... especially when I saw those words... I love him!!

    And I hoping to make you feel better with this... My daughter wants WANTS your Willie Wonka glasses. She adores them!!! I knew she love them!!
    I hope you have a wonderful tomorrow honey!!!


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