August 13, 2009

Me, crazy? Aww.

Guess where I just came from? Yep, the beauty salon. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to go but I just can’t go around life with my freaky curls.

I decided to play it cool, but I was really nervous when I went in. I looked straight ahead and did not say hello to him. I’m so awesome.

When he came to do my hair I barely looked up at him and didn’t even smile... I wrote some notes on my notebook, read my book, and laughed to myself. I didn’t look up at him once. He did look at me but I refused to play the game with him. But after he was done he slid off my clothes *cough cough* he slid off the cape thingy they put on you and gave me one of his smiles. I couldn’t resist, I smiled back. Gosh, he’s so handsome!! I went to pay and you would have had to be there to see him! He hid behind the counter nervously!!! I burst into laughter and he just stared at me and smiled. He must think I’m into drugs or something... Oh, well!

This is the weirdest relationship I've been in. We only smile at each other - definitely not material for Larissa Ione to write a book.

Is it odd, that after all the time I’ve spent in China, I’ve only liked my hairdresser, who is quite possibly gay? I mean, he is a hairdresser, after all. And is it even odder that I like him when our longest conversation went like this:

Him: You go home?

Me: *nods*

He asked because I went back to my country for a few months and of course he noticed I was gone.

He’s the guy I see regularly. Twice a week. He touches my hair. I smile way too much. I go there way too much.


Do you know what this is?


A little paper with a bunch of random numbers on it? No.

It’s a little paper with Adam’s handwriting - I think. Well he gave it to me so I’m guessing he wrote it.

What? That I’m acting like a psycho now? Yeah, okay.

hahaha ;)


On other news, here’s what you have all been waiting for! My Willy Wonka sunglasses picture!!


So, was I BS-ing you? It’s Willy Wonka!!!

How do I look? *turns so the paparazzi can take pictures* =D



Yesterday night I got my second award! I was so happy! It was granted to me by the lovely Patti @ Sleepless in New Orleans. Thanks, Patti!! *grin*

The rules of this award are quite simple. It must be paid forward and I have to write ten little interesting facts about me. Remember to let the person you granted this award know about it!

This one goes to... *drum roll* ... Mandi @ Smexy Books!!

10 Interesting Facts About Me - Or Not

1. Though I'm really young, I tend to spend more time with older people. It seems like they have more interesting things to say.

2. My feet are truly ugly and I love them.

3. I can do all kinds of weird things with my feet. Take a look:

4. I've had surgery twice in two years. Both of them on June. Knee surgery and I got my gallbladder removed.

5. I could eat Pizza every day. What? That's not interesting? I think it is!

6. I have a thing for blondes with long hair. e.i: Kurt Cobain, Alexander Skarsgård, Josh Holloway...

7. I absolutely love England though I've never been there. I love the city, the people, and most importantly the accent.

8. I was born with three eyes and a tail. Not really but you bought it! =D

9. When I was younger, for some bizarre reason that I haven't been able to understand yet, all boys showed me their penises. They'd just come up to me and - they'd show me. I had a better understanding of male's reproductive part than the rest of the girls hah.

10. I'm lightly addicted to internet for real. I get grumpy when I can't get online and I tend to get anxious.


By the way guys, I decided to implement the Daily Cat Tip on my blog. I should start posting them this weekend. If you have blogger-friends that have cats please do let them now about this - I could use more followers ;)

Have a great day - or night!

Bite On,



  1. oooh.. Alexander Skarsgard and Josh Halloway!! I lurve them too:)

    Thank you so much for the award!!!

  2. ROFL!! Hilda!!

    You are too funny. I LOVE your hair and I LOVE your Willy Wonka sunglasses. You have great feet, they are not ugly in the least. In actual fact, I have Neanderthal toes so I'll take a picture of my feet and we can compare "feet notes"... ;) LOL

    Cool blog award.. I know you will be getting more - would you like a Slide for them?

    Thank you for brightening my day!!

  3. Mandi you have great taste in men! LOL No problem! Remember to pass the award along to one other person :)

    Lea, thanks!!
    Hahaha please post a picture of your feet!!! =D That should be fun!
    Yeah a slide sounds good, but it may be weird having one for two awards only. If I get more I'll get one.
    I'm really glad you had fun reading my post, I had fun writing it!
    P.S: email me whenever you have time and are available... I want to ask you something about my blog :) Take your time though.

    Have a great day!

  4. Lol, your feet are just normal :)
    Cool award btw.

    And I am enjoying reading about you and the guy. I will stay tuned for more. Oh and the hair looks great.

  5. Hahaha! Your feet made me laugh! Glad you like the award, although I must tell you that you cannot have Alexander Skarsgard - he is mine! ;)

    Great post - you made me laugh out loud at work.

  6. So, did you call Adam? Adam is the hairdresser, right? Is he gay? Aww, you made it all sound so cute with the little looks and smiles but no talking!

    Your toes are beautiful and very talented ;)!


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