July 9, 2009

Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione Review

Passion Unleashed is the third book of the Demonica Novels by wonderful Larissa Ione. The hero and primordial character is Wraith. Before I even started reading I knew it was going to be awesome, not only because I know all Larissa's books are awesome but because darling Wraith is a vampire demon! What more could you ask for?

In the last two books, Wraith is shown as the rebel, the bad boy, who always gets his brothers in trouble and this time is no different. Of course we can't blame poor Wraith for his behavior, he's has gone through so much that is understandable.
Wraith's mother was still in the process of becoming a vampire when his father raped her impregnating her , and as if it wasn't enough he kept raping here until his offspring - Wraith - had been born. It was then the father took off leaving the newly vampire mother with a child that was only product of her abuse. Wraith instantly became object of deep hatred and resentment who was kept alive only so his mother could torture, abuse and punish him for his very existence. Eventually Wraith escaped, but not before he was caught again and tortured almost to death. Thankfully his hottie brothers Eidolon and Shade found and saved him.
Wraith lives in his own world, feeding off of junkies and drunks with the purpose of forgetting who he is and what he went through. He does what he wants without caring about the consequences, he hunts, he fights, he kills, and he gets laid. But for some reasons tied to his horrific past, Wraith refuses to feed from humans or have sex with them. Ever.

In this book we find out that Wraith has been poisoned and there's no cure for it. The only way to survive now, is taking a charm from a Guardian by having sex. Good thing Wraith is naturally made for having sex. But there's a catch, the holder of the charm, Serena Kelley is a human virgin. She'd have to sleep with Wraith voluntarily since her charm protects her from being harmed. But as Wraith later finds out, if Serena loses her charm, she'll die. At first that was no problem, killing a human wasn't anyway, but that was before he started falling for her.

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I really loved this book, it's my favorite of the three. The story talks about the Apocalypse, sort of, and talks about angels and Heaven and Hell. I'm not much of a believer in these things but the way Larissa explained it, almost got me to believe in it. I also had a good laugh while reading, the brothers are really funny.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sexy demons and vampires, adventure and the sexiness only Seminus Demons can bring.

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  1. I didn't think I would like Wraith as much as I did, but after reading his book, he is definitely my favorite! I can't wait for Lore!!! Great series and nice review!

  2. I was so looking forward to reading it - I loved Wraith from the minute he appeared in Pleasure Unbound. He's such a badass! (and I'm a sucker for badass guys)
    Thanks for reading!



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